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Donald Trump as Johnny Friendly

You can tell a lot about a president’s background just by his style of speech. Woodrow Wilson spoke like a cold-hearted preacher, FDR like an easy-going aristocrat, Harry Truman like a humble dry goods merchant, Ronald Reagan like a too-wholesome … Continue reading

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Tone-deaf Obama sings Walmart’s praises

Swamp Rabbit and I had just watched a PBS show about “nightmare bacteria” — insidious, human-killing organisms resistant to all antibiotics. Pretty scary. Then we saw a news item about Barack Obama appearing at a Walmart to praise the company … Continue reading

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Thank Obama, the anti-FDR, for the sequester

America is waiting for a message of some sort or another. – David Byrne and Brian Eno It ain’t pretty, the damage Barack Obama has done to working people by trying to cozy up to Republicans over the last four-plus … Continue reading

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There will be blood (or more apathy)

There’s nothing new about eras in which the rich grow richer as the majority slips into the ditch. Or about gilded ages being followed by periods in which worker incomes rise. In between are those interesting chapters in which the … Continue reading

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Binders full of lies

The topic of Paul Krugman’s Friday column was Mitt Romney’s failure to propose a credible jobs plan to bring down the unemployment rate. The upshot of it was that Romney is far less serious about creating jobs than Barack Obama, … Continue reading

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In D.C., ‘fat cat’ is a term of endearment

The worst social sickness of our time, the one that might eventually bring down this country, is the growing divide between rich and poor. But you rarely see honest stories about this sickness in our mainstream media, because to acknowledge … Continue reading

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Orwell as antidote to Obama

Last week I posted this in regard to Barack Obama’s profoundly ineffectual performance as president. Next time I feel exasperated, I’ll re-read Russ Baker’s words: …But why should people be surprised by Obama? The system only lets “system types” thrive … Continue reading

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