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Everything is bigger in Texas, even the lies

“Okay, climate warrior, what do you make of them Republican frauds trying to blame wind turbines for that cat-ass-trophe in Texas?” I had just rewarded Swamp Rabbit with a pint of Wild Turkey for helping me clear ice off the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump as Johnny Friendly

You can tell a lot about a president’s background just by his style of speech. Woodrow Wilson spoke like a cold-hearted preacher, FDR like an easy-going aristocrat, Harry Truman like a humble dry goods merchant, Ronald Reagan like a too-wholesome … Continue reading

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Ding dong! Maggie’s dirty deeds live on

From a 2004 column in Daily Mail on what happened to the working class in Britain after Margaret Thatcher’s successful crusade to kill the miners’ union: … What the [coal miners’] strike represented to us was a set of values … Continue reading

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Reagan’s wrecking crew

Where would America be without the two-term presidency of Ronald Reagan? Answering this question, Charles P. Pierce addressed the ghost of the Gipper on his 101st birthday: …You did more than anyone else to demolish the notion of a political … Continue reading

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When serfs fight back, GOP cries ‘Class warfare!’

This week’s winner of the chutzpah award is libertarian con man Paul Ryan, for accusing the Democratic Party of “class warfare.” Ryan is a disciple of Ayn Rand, the Benzedrine-addled academic who wrote two door-stopper novels that celebrated “the morality … Continue reading

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