About David McKenna

David McKenna lives and writes in Philadelphia.

21 Responses to About David McKenna

  1. Margaret Battistelli says:

    David, I am SO happy to see this blog. Perfect title. Perfect tag. Perfect photo. Perfectly you! If anyone deserves a forum for his “outsider” perspectives, it’s you! Good luck with it.


  2. Michael McCarthy says:

    Hi Dave, email as promised. When shall I expect to be quoted herein?


  3. Nik Olas says:

    Mr. McKenna,

    I enjoyed reading your opinions on Occupy Wall Street. We are having a planning meeting for Occupy Philadelphia this Thursday at The Wooden Shoe on South Street, if you know anyone who might be interested. Thanks for posting the things about Occupy Wall Street.

    Nik Zalesky


  4. abbeysbooks says:

    I am from Philly and South St and miss it a lot. But please, all of you, meet Zizek and DeLillo in Cosmopolis about demos.


  5. Bob Kasprzak says:

    Hi, David,
    I’m reading you from high atop Mt Airy!


  6. robert jenkins says:

    Just thanks. Really appreciate your effort.


  7. amy says:

    i am late to your party, but VERY glad to find you. great stuff! amy


  8. Boyd says:

    Have enjoyed your blog for awhile…what a find!


  9. Mike Duffy says:

    David, what years did you attend MBS? Were you there when Dom Irrera was a teacher. Mike Duffy class of 1962.


  10. eliadema says:

    Great idea for a page, I like e-learning! Good luck with this!

    All the best,



  11. ACoupleTalks says:

    Hi David,

    Nice to meet you! I’m looking forward to following your writing journey.



  12. Heidi says:

    David, I thought for sure our acquaintance and the juicy details I gave for the frenemy chance meeting at your Green Booth would end up as a story here… I should definitely take your lead and write it myself 😉 PS, I am somewhat offended by your liberal use of the word “Pennsyltucky”. There are far worse places to be these days :/ PSS, Whites have long been stealing the blues from blacks and soul has no color…


    • oddmanout215 says:

      Heidi — Please refresh my memory regarding juicy details of frenemy chance meeting. You lost me… Pennsyltucky is a state of mind. When I go there, I have to deal on a personal level with too many coal boosters and climate change deniers and peeps who just don’t give a shit. But you’re right, there are far worse places in this country… I try to be careful about the idea that whites “stole” the blues from blacks. They gravitated to black music because that’s where most of the innovation was. And yes, soul has no color, which is why I mentioned Clapton and Stevie Ray.


      • Heidi says:

        David, You must have been immersed in the sales process… Pamela and I are already great fodder for a blues song according to Gabe Stillman. I’ve given him permission to write the song. Maybe the story is more of a song anyway…


  13. thomas o'malley says:

    Thanks Dave! Don’t know how I’ve missed you blog for so long.


  14. Marilyn says:

    Defeating Trump is not impossible, just nearly impossible. Try reading this article about how it might be done. Bring out Thoughts and Prayers to help calm you (still both alive? I’m not sure). Then promote these ideas about how to change the mind of Trump supporters. It’s the only thing I’ve seen that worked at all.


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