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Bagel bomber busted at Vital Records

My plan was to hitchhike from Tinicum swamp past the junkyards and into Philly through the backdoor. My friend Swamp Rabbit tried to discourage me, but I had no choice, a temp agency was insisting on proof that I really … Continue reading

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Atlantic City’s ultimate crap-out, a.k.a. Revel

They echoed in my head this morning, the words of Swamp Rabbit as he confronted me at my shotgun shack in the Tinicum swamp: “What’s your plan, Odd Man?” The pesky little rodent mocks me because I tend to bitch … Continue reading

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Walter White, working-class hero

Last week the Philadelphia Daily News ran a story about unemployment with a photo of a middle-aged man in a business suit — a former office worker out of luck and money — begging for a job on a streetcorner … Continue reading

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Stalin would have smiled at Manning’s sentence

Ben Wizner of the ACLU sums up why he thinks decent people everywhere should be disgusted by the 35-year prison sentence imposed on Bradley Manning this week: When a soldier who shared information with the press and public is punished … Continue reading

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Chris Christie to Mother Nature: Who’s your daddy?

New Jerseyans know better than to mess with Gov. Chris Christie. They’ve heard him dis firefighters who want decent pensions, shout down schoolteachers who defend the public school system, and heap scorn on skeptics who argue it’s foolish to spend … Continue reading

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The pig and the Post (another trophy for Jeff Bezos)

A few facts about Jeff Bezos, billionaire CEO of, the enormously profitable online department store that’s beating up on bricks-and-mortar retail outlets: 1) The price Bezos paid this week for the Washington Post was $250 million, about one percent … Continue reading

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Tom Friedman’s brave new fantasy world

Richard Eskow’s insights regarding Thomas Friedman will make perfect sense to anyone who has read Friedman’s gung-ho dispatches about globalization and entrepreneurship in the digital age, or his advice to the discouraged — “But you know what they say to … Continue reading

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