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Sun flurries and sportswear in South Philly

On Sunday there were sun flurries. Very pretty, swirling on the parking lot under a semi-clear sky, but only for a few minutes. I was working outside a big-box store that sells sportswear. Ball caps bearing team logos, shiny clown … Continue reading

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South Philly saints come marchin’ in

This is in case you missed the May procession held today under a soul-piercing blue sky on Philly’s Italian Market. Kids in white suits and dresses, followed by statues of solitary saints on floats pushed by local parishioners, with a … Continue reading

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Emotional weather report for March

The sun is beginning to shine on me, But it’s not like the sun that used to be. – Bob Dylan, “Highlands” Overheard on South Street, outside the city’s worst supermarket: “Yeah, but most South Philly people, they’re really rude … Continue reading

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‘Australia’ (Happy Boxing Day)

We’ll surf like they do in the USA We’ll fly down to Sydney for a holiday On sunny Christmas Day… I’m standing in line yesterday at a drugstore, one of those chain stores that turn wall-to-wall red a month before … Continue reading

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Happy Third Day After the Solstice

Bernini’s St. Theresa in Ecstasy is in the Cornaro Chapel (Santa Maria Vittoria). Which means nothing to me, but the act of writing down the address for future reference seems constructive, especially with all the thinking I’m doing about Rome, … Continue reading

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A Christmas blessing

So I’m biking to pick up medicine in South Philly a few nights ago, and I find myself behind a slow-moving flatbed truck, tall and wide and crammed with Christmas trees, and spewing vile fumes. And there are cars parked … Continue reading

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How was your bird?

[My Thanksgiving Day post, two days late.] A bad cold was kicking my ass, but I felt the need for sun and exercise in the late afternoon. All around me was that weird holiday stillness and quiet, as if everyone … Continue reading

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