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12 days of Christmas, 12 cool songs

Swamp Rabbit was mad because Alvin and the Chipmunks didn’t make the cut. “You don’t like my Christmas playlist, then put together your own,” I told him.

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The suburban Philly gods bring you — fire!

We lingered last weekend at the 18th Firebird Festival in Phoenixville, PA, where a giant wooden figure shaped like a phoenix had been set ablaze for hundreds of fire worshippers to behold. “This is my kind of celebration,” I told … Continue reading

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An Xmas stocking stuffer from Manchin to Democrats

Swamp Rabbit said it best back in April: Joe Manchin is a DINO — a Democrat in name only. He likes the filibuster rule and thinks raising taxes on the rich is radical. At the time, Joe Biden seemed confidant … Continue reading

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