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Obama the bold: Criminals shouldn’t have AK-47s

On gun control, as on most issues, Mitt Romney is a double-talking wimp who contradicts his own prior views. Even if he personally believed in laws against civilian access to assault weapons, he would toe the NRA line out of … Continue reading

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The new journalism

Odd Man thinks of himself as jaded, but maybe he’s just naive and way out of the loop. He was shocked to read Bill Boyarsky’s piece about censorship, inspired by a New York Times story by Jeremy Peters. Boyarsky wrote: … Continue reading

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Anne Romney losing patience with ‘you people’

Questions about Mitt Romney’s tax returns remain unanswered, as does the question of whether Mitt is a made-on-Earth android or a pod creature from deep space sent by the angel Moroni. The Romney people don’t intend to budge on the … Continue reading

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A major glitch in the Romneybot

From the always-quotable Matt Taibbi: Most presidents have something under the hood – wit, warmth, approachability, something. Even the most liberal football fan could enjoy watching an NFL game with George Bush. And even a Klansman probably would have found … Continue reading

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U.S. Olympic team uniforms made in China

How fitting — so to speak: When the United States Olympic Team enters the Games’ opening ceremony at Olympic Stadium in London, it will be outfitted in official uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren. And though the 530 men and women … Continue reading

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Moyers: ‘You can only push your subjects so far’

Earlier this week, Mitt Romney and his handlers flaunted the Republican Party’s contempt for the 99 percent by holding several fund-raisers in the Hamptons, one of them at the estate of billionaire right-wing activist David Koch. This classic “let them … Continue reading

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Happy trails, Lonesome Rhodes

Andy Samuel Griffith (June 1, 1926 – July 3, 2012) Before Andy Griffith became the famously easy-going Sheriff Andy on TV, he shocked movie critics with his amusingly brutal portrayal of Lonesome Rhodes, the hick troubadour who ended up aspiring … Continue reading

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Barbecued mystery meat, compliments of WTO

I hope you had a delicious Fourth of July. As noted in Public Citizen, “your holiday meat could be much more mysterious” next year: If you’re looking forward to grilling up some hamburgers and hot dogs, think about this: Where … Continue reading

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Defacing is for fascists

From the July 2 A vandal lobbed black paint at a mural of former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo in the Italian Market over the weekend and sprayed “fascista” in red beneath him. Police said they received a report on … Continue reading

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