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Dirtballs face off in Florida

Background on Mitt Romney’s “you’re as big a dirtball as I am” line of attack: A recent newspaper story detailed at great length how campaign strategists for Romney and Newt Gingrich are battling to secure a win for the their … Continue reading

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‘Job creator’ myth debunked

NYT reporters don’t seem to have access to the same facts as NYT columnist Paul Krugman, maybe because he doesn’t have an intranet connection to the newsroom. I’m kidding, but who knows? On Friday, Krugman lit into Indiana Gov. Mitch … Continue reading

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Newt promises the moon

Newt Gingrich was in Florida the other day, speaking of plans to build a colony on the moon. This is funny, but cruel. Florida’s economy collapsed when the housing bubble burst. There will be no more housing booms in Florida, … Continue reading

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A life-affirming little theft

Call Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad a collection of interrelated short stories. Or call it a novel, if you like. The book has won several prestigious awards, so Egan might not care what you call it. She … Continue reading

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Natural-born faux populists

Watching Barack Obama’s speech the other night, my mood swung from bemusement to grudging admiration to laugh-out-loud disbelief. I wrote a post yesterday that focused on the president’s innate acting ability. Today, Robert Scheer noted that Obama’s gift is strongly … Continue reading

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Barack Obama, prince of players

Listening to Barack Obama’s State of the Union address in 2012 was like listening to his campaign speeches in 2008. Every issue he’d placed in deep freeze during his first three years as president was brought out to thaw. His … Continue reading

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Slave labor is good for business

A depressing piece in the Sunday New York Times re-explained why the U.S. is losing huge numbers of manufacturing jobs, but it didn’t mention how we can hope to reverse this trend if our biggest corporations continue to work with … Continue reading

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