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Joe Bageant walked it as he talked it

Joe Bageant, the self-described “redneck socialist” writer who died this week at age 64, enjoyed exploring the great divide between the working class and the limousine liberal establishment. Sometimes he seemed one of the few progressive-minded author/social critics who even … Continue reading

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Denial is just a sign of the times

This is what happens in other democracies when bankers try to reward themselves for helping to ruin the world economy: Britain has a rival when it comes to bashing bankers. After a furious row over pay packages at Amsterdam-based ING … Continue reading

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First, Dems give away the store. Then they haggle.

This is what happens when you supposedly represent the interests of working people but are too timid, dishonest or stupid to fight for those interests: Republicans are poised to reject a White House offer, TPM has learned, that would cut … Continue reading

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Corbett — ideologue or high-priced whore?

From “The Marcellus industry has been clear and outspoken on this for a year or so,” said Ray Walker, vice president of Range Resources in Texas and chairman of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, an industry group. “We are willing … Continue reading

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New Deal soon for the jobless? More like no deal

Frances Fox Piven recently addressed the plight of the long-term unemployed and, perhaps more strongly than she intended, linked it to President Obama’s failure to act as a forceful advocate for jobs creation. Piven cited Obama’s lukewarm efforts to persuade … Continue reading

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For labor foes, Triangle fire never happened

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and a good time to acknowledge there are powerful people still determined to undo the progress made by organized labor in the aftermath of that disaster. Here’s Robert Reich … Continue reading

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N.J. polls show Christie’s act may wear thin

Corbett in Pennsylvania, Christie in New Jersey, Walker in Wisconsin, Kasich in Ohio, Snider in Michigan, Daniels in Indiana and LePage in Maine are governors with the same objectives: break labor unions, privatize everything from school systems to liquor stores, … Continue reading

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