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Manchin again (the video version)

Swamp Rabbit was hungover and tired of my blogging choices. “How come you gotta do two posts in a row about Manchin? What about all them other creeps in the U.S. Senate?” So I told him for the tenth time: … Continue reading

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Moral midgets like Manchin hold sway

“Lighten up, Odd Man,” Swamp Rabbit said as he stepped into my shack with a bottle of Wild Turkey. “You can’t call Joe Manchin a moral midget. What’s moral to him might not be moral to you, and vicey-versey.” “No … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Columbus? Not in South Philly.

This is a follow-up to a column Odd Man Out wrote last summer. A bizarre psychodrama was unfolding in South Philadelphia while Swamp Rabbit and I worked a dull sales event in the suburbs. Hundreds of people had gathered to … Continue reading

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We pay million$ each year for cop misconduct

A typical September da in Philly. Oppressive humidity. Swarming flies. Cicadas making eerie outer-space sounds. In the media, another story about bad cops: The city of Philadelphia will pay $2,000,000 to a Black woman who was pulled from a car, … Continue reading

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