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NYC’s holiday from homicide

What did they put in the water? From CNN: The big news in the Big Apple this week may be what didn’t happen. There was not a single reported slaying, stabbing, shooting or knifing in any of the five boroughs … Continue reading

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Bombing an open-air prison called Gaza

Glenn Greenwald, reminding us why the Israeli military is able to be so brazenly aggressive in its treatment of Gaza, which Noam Chomsky has called “the world’s largest open-air prison:” …That the Netanyahu government knows that any attempt to condemn … Continue reading

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It was the 47 percent’s fault

Mitt Romney, in a conference call to donors, blamed the usual suspects for his loss to Barack Obama: …Obama, Romney argued, had been “very generous” to blacks, Hispanics and young voters. He cited as motivating factors to young voters the … Continue reading

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Grayson: Grand Bargain is bunk

Alan Grayson’s tie is goofy, but I like what he has to say about the false need for a so-called Grand Bargain: “An artificial crisis is being instituted to steal from us, to steal from the middle class, and to … Continue reading

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Working class rides train to nowhere

The lead paragraph from a smart piece in The New York Times Magazine that explains why the old jobs are never coming back, and why any politician who says they are is a liar: As anyone who rides Amtrak between … Continue reading

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Fear of a black planet, updated

On Tuesday, Odd Man Out posted a funny pre-election video in which Chris Rock pretended to argue to white voters that Barack Obama was as white as they are, therefore they should vote for him. Rock’s appeals fell on deaf … Continue reading

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Gas bag Karl Rove deflated on Fox News

The gas bag called Karl Rove, an “analyst” for Fox News, seemed on the verge of exploding last night. President Barack Obama had just been declared the victor in Ohio — even by Fox News — which meant that he … Continue reading

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Vote white, my homies. Vote for Barry.

Will Barack Obama once again win over enough of my fellow white voters? Maybe with help from Chris Rock:

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We hate you, big government. Love you, too.

An old friend just moved to an amorphous suburb of Philly, way out there in Whiteland, and was dismayed but not surprised to see Romney-for-president signs on the lawns of many of his new neighbors. “Who do these guys think … Continue reading

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What would you say if Barry came knocking?

President Obama was at the Jersey shore yesterday to signal support for those who got slammed by Frankenstorm. If I lived there and Barry came to my door, I’d ask for help but expect him to say, “We’re gonna see … Continue reading

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