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WAY worse than Watergate

Swamp Rabbit was trying to read the news to me but I was on the porch feeding the swamp cats and blasting Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch through my JBL speaker. “I can’t hear you,” I shouted through the window. … Continue reading

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The Times’s Trump story is a few years too late

“I built what I built myself,” Mr. Trump has said, a narrative that was long amplified by often-credulous coverage from news organizations, including The Times. Certainly a handful of journalists and biographers, notably Wayne Barrett, Gwenda Blair, David Cay Johnston … Continue reading

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The art of the heel

This week it’s the Democrats’ turn to make empty promises while they officially nominate a candidate almost as unpopular as Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is a war hawk in the style of her friend Henry Kissinger; a shapeshifting phony on issues ranging from gay … Continue reading

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In D.C., ‘fat cat’ is a term of endearment

The worst social sickness of our time, the one that might eventually bring down this country, is the growing divide between rich and poor. But you rarely see honest stories about this sickness in our mainstream media, because to acknowledge … Continue reading

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Socialism is not a dirty word

I saw this video at Suburban Guerrilla and thought of all the people I know who probably didn’t see it… In his travels, journalist and author David Cay Johnston talked to a dozen tour-bus drivers in beautiful downtown Stockholm and … Continue reading

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