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Everything is bigger in Texas, even the lies

“Okay, climate warrior, what do you make of them Republican frauds trying to blame wind turbines for that cat-ass-trophe in Texas?” I had just rewarded Swamp Rabbit with a pint of Wild Turkey for helping me clear ice off the … Continue reading

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‘Philly-delphia’ lawyer stars in impeachment farce

Farce — a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations. We were still arguing about Donald Trump’s impeachment farce. I thought the crowning moment came when Mitch McConnell condemned Trump as … Continue reading

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The Greene-ing of Red State America

“Did you hear about them Jewish Space Lasers? Is that the name of a rock ‘n’ roll band? If it ain’t, it should be.” Swamp Rabbit was reading about Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon wacko who also happens to be … Continue reading

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