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Friedman’s cure for Mideast crises? Lemonade

Mick Jagger once sang, “I could use a lemon squeezer!” Thomas Friedman is seeking lemon squeezers, too, but of a different sort. He’s a pollyanna pundit, not a rocker, who’s fond of using the cliche, “When life hands you lemons, … Continue reading

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Father’s Day works better as fiction

[This one got lost in the shuffle, but I’m guessing my legion of readers won’t mind that it’s a week late.] One of the pleasures of writing a novel is you can decide when and how things happen. For instance, … Continue reading

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By the gods, it’s Midsummer!

Skoal, as they say in the north lands. Time for wild strawberries and spiced vodka and rolling in the hay with Bibi and Liv at midnight, with the sun still shining. Of course Midsummer isn’t quite the same if you … Continue reading

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Why Obama is still kissing up to Wall Street crooks

Here’s Robert Reich, talking to the wall again, trying to tell Democratic politicians what they must do to lead the way to economic recovery and prevent Republicans from creating an even worse downturn than the one that has plagued us … Continue reading

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Why it’s so easy to hate LeBron James

It’s not because he embraced the nickname King James and has “Chosen1” tattooed on his back. It’s because he’s too arrogant or stupid (same thing?) to resist taking verbal shots at basketball fans who rooted against him during the NBA … Continue reading

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‘Rentiers’ to the jobless: Your pain is our gain

Those trying to escape the saga of Anthony Weiner and the Weiner-ettes may not have seen Paul Krugman’s Friday column, which focuses on the relentlessly high unemployment rate and on the fact that the most powerful people in government — … Continue reading

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Greenwald to media: You’re all Weiners

I saw a clip of Chris Matthews screeching about Anthony Weiner and, shortly afterwards, read this in Glenn Greenwald’s column: I’d really like to know how many journalists, pundits and activist types clucking with righteous condemnation of Weiner would be … Continue reading

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