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‘The Apartment’

The best-ever New Year’s Eve movie is a dark comedy, but director/writer Billy Wilder knew exactly when to lighten it up, even during the attempted-suicide scene. Jack Lemmon plays a bachelor with a dismal office job who curries the favor … Continue reading

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Yeah I’m sitting here wondering, would a matchbox hold my clothes… I hope I didn’t insult the memory of the late Carl Perkins by using lyrics from “Matchbox” in connection with the Republican dogs, big and small, mentioned in my … Continue reading

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They’ll kill your vote if you let them

Let me be your little dog ’til your big dog come — Carl Perkins, “Matchbox” It’s worth noting as we head into 2012 that many of us aren’t going to change a damn thing about ourselves, resolutions or no. Most … Continue reading

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Did Obama not get it?

Why wasn’t job creation the president’s No. 1 priority when he took office? Why didn’t he make a serious, steady effort to get the real economy back on track? Did he really think the bailed-out banks — the banks that … Continue reading

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New reason to ‘unlike’ Facebook

Any corporation running a venue that prompts you to “like” something is looking to violate your privacy, probably in order to make money but possibly for more sinister reasons. Only the truly naive will be shocked by Facebook’s latest transgression: … Continue reading

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Japan’s job-killing robots

You thought Godzilla was scary? Wait until Nextage emerges fully grown from Japan: Japanese firm Kawada Industries is on the leading edge of a growing industry that threatens to become a major disruptive force in the coming years: automated labor. … Continue reading

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Politicians and celebrity suckers

Daniel Craig, star of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, recently sounded off about politicians, especially the ones who pretend to be hip and progressive in order to win the favor of liberal-minded celebrities: “Tony Blair started it much more … Continue reading

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