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Dems-in-name-only won’t help close income gap

Paul Krugman, commenting on one of the moral midgets who pushed through the House a new farm bill that would maintain generous government subsidies for agribusinesses while eliminating food stamps: Now, some enemies of food stamps don’t quote libertarian philosophy; … Continue reading

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Krugman strains eyes, can’t see light at tunnel’s end

Give credit to Paul Krugman for consistently refusing to pretend the so-called Great Recession was anything less than a depression. Now he’s suggesting hard times might be here to stay, because working-class Americans are too brain-dead to take action on … Continue reading

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In today’s U.S.A., Ellsberg would be deep-sixed

Regarding a convergence of stories about truth tellers: Last week I watched The Most Dangerous Man in America (2009), about Daniel Ellsberg’s decision to shred the web of lies spun by government officials in their successful effort to pursue full-scale … Continue reading

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