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Betting on a sure thing (COVID-19)

Swamp Rabbit’s parole officer Victor Cortez asked me if I wanted to bet against his bet that COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. would hit 100,000 by Memorial Day. (The death count as of today was about 95,000.) “That’s tasteless,” I … Continue reading

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Channel surfing through lockdown

My neighbor Swamp Rabbit knocked on my door and let himself in when I didn’t open it. “Why don’t you quit tweaking that thing?” he said, meaning the short story I was writing. “I bet you ain’t changed ten words … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, it’s only a movie

Here they come, a squad of chubby Sandinistas wearing black surgical masks. Better cross the street. Oh no! A tall, skinny diva walking her tall, skinny dog. All I can see are her eyes, and they’re glaring at me. Better … Continue reading

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