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Out of work, out of sight, out of mind

In the  1930s, the jobless were big news. Now they’re invisible. Media coverage of the unemployment problem pretty much ended on July 22, when President Obama signed a bill extending coverage to 2.5 million Americans whose benefits had been blocked … Continue reading

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The mystery of the vanishing oil spill

The Times seems stumped. Maybe the Hardy Boys should be on the case. I clicked on the New York Times link this morning and there it was — “On the Surface, Gulf Oil Spill Is Vanishing Fast; Concerns Stay” — … Continue reading

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Hey, Dem girls — time to wake up

David Lynch fans may remember the scene in Mulholland Drive where The Cowboy says “Time to wake up” to the Naomi Watts character, whose real life turns out to be a nightmare. Democrats will wake up in a nightmare, too, … Continue reading

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Politico reels in another red herring

The issue is right-wing lies, not ‘media recklessness’ Once upon a time, the news was dictated to us by a handful of corporations that professed to be non-partisan in their methods and goals. Then along came revelations that non-partisanship – … Continue reading

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Memo to Obama: Show some fight

Be an aggressor, or a counterpuncher. Anything but a stiff. It seems the administration’s spokespersons, from Robert Gibbs all the way down, are motivated more by fear of Glenn Beck than by a desire to push the Democratic agenda. You … Continue reading

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Brooks appalled by Gibson, but not by Bush

In the Weekly Standard, back in 2003, David Brooks bemoaned the fact that “Many Democrats feel that George Bush is just running loose, transforming the national landscape and ruining the nation, and there is nothing they can do to stop … Continue reading

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The myth of a safety net for the unemployed

Why is the media so blase about the plight of the long-term unemployed? This question came to mind after I read today’s New York Times story by Michael Luo about an unemployed woman named Terri Sadler who had, according to … Continue reading

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Geno’s is proof you are what you eat

I witnessed anti-immigrant anger yesterday at Geno’s, a South Philly sandwich shop that, even on a good day, looks like a lunch spot for loonies. The outdoor tables under sheet metal awnings, fluorescent light on orange tiles, angry white men in … Continue reading

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The audacity of nope

Obama silent on safety of BP workers Am I the odd man out, or are there other Democrats who think President Obama is doing a piss-poor job of helping people made sick by BP’s poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico? … Continue reading

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