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Somebody give me a ($700) cheeseburger!

“My birthday’s comin’ up,” Swamp Rabbit said. “Maybe I’ll go uptown and treat myself to one of them $700 burgers.” He was referring to the beer garden in Philly whose menu reportedly includes “the most expensive burger in America.” Presumably, … Continue reading

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Martin Amis (1949-2023) braved the moronic inferno

My neighbor Swamp Rabbit was drinking beer on his porch when I told him that British author Martin Amis died last weekend.   “Okay, but what’s that got to do with the price of eggs?” he said, referring to the … Continue reading

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Walking blues (my search for dress shoes)

I was checking my email and noticed that images of shoes were appearing every time I opened a new file. Dress shoes, so-called. Tassel loafers, oxford bluchers, brogues. Shiny and super-square. The sort of shoes I stopped wearing around the … Continue reading

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Breaking: Cooper is a mouthpiece, not a newsman

“Get a load of this pompous jerk. He ain’t even embarrassed.” Swamp Rabbit was reacting to video of Anderson Cooper mouthing off about CNN’s May 10 town hall with Donald Trump, an event that served as a free ad for … Continue reading

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Deep in the heart of Texas, yahoos still rule

Just when it looked like Texas might be prioritizing clean energy over dirty, this happens: The Texas Legislature is moving to erect barriers to clean energy development while providing incentives for fossil fuel production. This would make the task of … Continue reading

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