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Where were you when poverty became acceptable?

I’ve been thinking of JFK and of those hard-luck cases who work at places like McDonald’s and Walmart. (There but for the grace of God and the wearing of a clown uniform go I.) Those who are old enough can … Continue reading

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Santorum throws up on himself

From The Raw Story: Rick Santorum wished Tuesday morning that he could rescind his statement of wanting to “throw up” after hearing former President John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech on the separation of church and state. Appearing on the Laura … Continue reading

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My birthday in outer space

I love the past, which doesn’t exist/until I summon it, or make it up,/and I love how you believe/and certify me by your belief,/whoever you are, a fiction too,/held together by what? Personality?/Voice…? — from “Loves,” by Stephen Dunn **** … Continue reading

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Orwell as antidote to Obama

Last week I posted this in regard to Barack Obama’s profoundly ineffectual performance as president. Next time I feel exasperated, I’ll re-read Russ Baker’s words: …But why should people be surprised by Obama? The system only lets “system types” thrive … Continue reading

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