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The loneliness of the long-distance office worker

We took turns reading a Philadelphia Inquirer story about possible psychological damage suffered by office workers who, for their own safety’s sake, must work at home for as long as the COVID-19 disaster persists. In suddenly empty offices all across … Continue reading

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Disinfecting the disaffected

I wanted to raise a glass Wednesday to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, but Swamp Rabbit only wanted to lament the ironies of the occasion: • The Earth Day anniversary calls for a big celebration, but it’s not happening … Continue reading

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Trump fans don’t fear the reaper

Andy Borowitz is usually good for a laugh, even when he writes about the vindictive imbecile who’s in charge of making sure the country survives the worldwide plague: No one could have seen the coronavirus pandemic coming except for people … Continue reading

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OK, it’s Biden, if he still has a pulse

.@BernieSanders bowed to the math in acknowledging that @JoeBiden will be the nominee. He used the time today to laud his movement. But if his goal is to defeat @realDonaldTrump, he’ll have to make a more affirmative case for Biden … Continue reading

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Daily briefings from the beast

Swamp Rabbit wore a surgical mask today when he went to the SuperFridge. To protect himself against Covid-19, he said, but I figured he just wanted to rob the joint without being identified. He brought ketchup and fish sticks back … Continue reading

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Dylan’s JFK song is dizzy, Miss Lizzie

Swamp Rabbit wanted to know what was the big deal about “Murder Most Foul,” the Bob Dylan song about the John F. Kennedy assassination that he wrote years ago but didn’t release until now, when the country’s mood is arguably … Continue reading

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