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Will media admit to being duped? Nope

Notice that the caravan totally disappeared as an issue as soon as the votes were cast — not just Fox News, but mainstream media too. Guys, you really need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask why … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart, the Rodney King of TV pundits

Elias Isquith on Jon Stewart: It’s the shallowness of Stewart’s politics that leads to his other notable weakness as a political pundit… his tendency to fall prey to the trap of blaming “both sides.” Exactly. Stewart will end his run … Continue reading

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The ill logic of the lower classes

It’s the Eighth Day After the Solstice, and I’m back at the shack after checking up on my old house, which stopped feeling homey after a tree fell on it last year. Some of my old neighbors are doing OK, … Continue reading

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Dems-in-name-only won’t help close income gap

Paul Krugman, commenting on one of the moral midgets who pushed through the House a new farm bill that would maintain generous government subsidies for agribusinesses while eliminating food stamps: Now, some enemies of food stamps don’t quote libertarian philosophy; … Continue reading

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Krugman strains eyes, can’t see light at tunnel’s end

Give credit to Paul Krugman for consistently refusing to pretend the so-called Great Recession was anything less than a depression. Now he’s suggesting hard times might be here to stay, because working-class Americans are too brain-dead to take action on … Continue reading

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Binders full of lies

The topic of Paul Krugman’s Friday column was Mitt Romney’s failure to propose a credible jobs plan to bring down the unemployment rate. The upshot of it was that Romney is far less serious about creating jobs than Barack Obama, … Continue reading

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Scalia — joker with a mean streak

Paul Krugman wrote a good column yesterday about Antonin Scalia, the U.S. Supreme Court’s chief buffoon, but a reader’s response to the column was even better: When Justice Scalia compared requiring health insurance to requiring people to buy broccoli, something … Continue reading

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