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Two-party system = no change

I still can’t tell if most “middle-class” Americans really understand what hit them, and why, when the economy tanked in 2008. Robert Scheer takes a crack at explaining the catastrophe with what seems to me the perfect metaphor. But then … Continue reading

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Louie Louie (Jordan & Armstrong)

When I get up each morning There’s nothing to breathe but air

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Student-loan rate bill booby-trapped

Is our fearless leader really so feckless? Can’t he see the Rove propaganda machine uses the same tactic over and over — tying legislation that would benefit the poor and middle-class to legislation that would provide tax breaks and other … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan renounces his god, Ayn Rand

Paul Ryan renouncing Ayn Rand is like Peter denying Christ, except that Anne Rand was a batty old atheist who preached a self-serving “philosophy” called objectivism. ThinkProgress explains why the news of Ryan’s loss of faith seems so shocking at … Continue reading

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Attention, Marxists

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Zizek on OWS: Where to next?

Bill O’Reilly recently denounced liberal economist Robert Reich as a communist, and Reich responded to this absurd charge by challenging O’Reilly to debate him. The debate I’d like to see, which will never take place, would be between O’Reilly and … Continue reading

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Cutting food aid to poor kids

It’s not just bleeding-heart liberal rhetoric. Republican politicians really are mutating backwards — devolving — into enthusiasts for social Darwinist notions that were popular in the Gilded Age. From ThinkProgress, another nauseating example of how low these mutants will stoop … Continue reading

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Android, psycho CEO, or just a liar?

From Dr. Kevin Barrett, in Veterans Today: Is [Mitt] Romney a plastic shell, operated in real time by a gray alien equivalent of Karl Rove? Possibly. But it seems far more likely that he is, like [Ted] Bundy, an inhuman … Continue reading

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New York Times discovers ALEC

At last a response to questions my friend Sergie and I puzzled over in my March 27 post: Why doesn’t the New York Times write an investigative piece about that extremely effective stealth lobbying group called the American Legislative Exchange … Continue reading

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Mutants stall Gulf clean-up funding

Anyone want to sample the mutant shrimp? I didn’t think so. Chris Bowers of Daily Koz recently sent out an e-mail petition telling House Speaker John Boehner “to pass legislation mandating that fines paid by BP go toward the clean … Continue reading

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