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Shopping at Urban Outfitters — how ironic

Never underestimate the apathy, ignorance or sheer stupidity of young American consumers, especially the “hip” ones: …There are a few reasonable explanations for why the Urban Outfitters Romney tees exist, actually. For one thing, Urban Outfitters (which also owns Anthropologie … Continue reading

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Can the other senators hear Sanders?

I often wonder how Bernie Sanders’ fellow senators are reacting when he’s on the floor, warning us for the umpteenth time that super-wealthy right-wingers, with much help from the Supreme Court, are snuffing out what’s left of our democracy. Maybe … Continue reading

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Jong on Arianna’s ‘special place in hell’

Author and “zipless fuck” pioneer Erica Jong is seventy years old now, and her brand of feminism looks a bit naive in perspective, but it’s nice to read her priorities are still in good order. Here she is calling out … Continue reading

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Sorkin channels Howard Beale in ‘The Newsroom’

Here’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, an Atlantic editor and blogger, quoting from Aaron Sorkin’s “deeply unpleasant, condescending and sexist” interview with the Globe and Mail: “I think I would have done very well, as a writer, in the forties,” [Sorkin] says. “I … Continue reading

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Rich Greeks feel fine

From Guardian UK: …Since the outbreak of Greece’s runaway debt crisis, its moneyed class has been notable more by its absence than presence. Oligarchs, who made vast fortunes cornering the oil, gas, construction and banking industries, as well as the … Continue reading

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In Philly, taxed extra for paying taxes

Just what a struggling major city needs — more property tax hikes for tax-paying property owners, in order to make up for the huge amounts owed by deadbeat property owners, many of whom don’t even live in Philly: From Patrick … Continue reading

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Good luck finding those black holes

I don’t know how much taxpayer money was used to construct and deploy this orbiting telescope, but it will be money well spent if NASA can finding the black holes that sucked away millions of jobs and homes, a functioning … Continue reading

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O’Donnell spins recall defeat as victory

MSNBC hosts Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow seemed as disappointed as most rank-and-file Democrats when NBC analysts declared early Tuesday evening that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would survive the bid to recall him. However, another of the network’s prime-time hosts, … Continue reading

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Regarding Dylan’s latest award

[I posted the following on Suburban Guerrilla Thursday and felt compelled to post it here today after seeing the bizarre video of Bob Dylan, bobbing from side to side onstage, looking like he got off at the wrong bus stop, … Continue reading

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