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Blowin’ smoke on Super Sunday

I was sitting on the porch with Swamp Rabbit, trying to nail down the silliest Super Bowl moment. Was it Budweiser’s “Blowin’ In the Wind” commercial or the halftime performance by Maroon 5? “Ain’t nothin’ silly about ‘Blowin’ In the … Continue reading

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New York Times discovers ALEC

At last a response to questions my friend Sergie and I puzzled over in my March 27 post: Why doesn’t the New York Times write an investigative piece about that extremely effective stealth lobbying group called the American Legislative Exchange … Continue reading

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Dear NYT: Why no news stories about ALEC?

[From a recent conversation with my Russian friend Sergei. We like to argue about which country is less democratic — America, or Putin’s Russia.] No, Sergei, I’m not turning into a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not having one of my … Continue reading

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They’ll kill your vote if you let them

Let me be your little dog ’til your big dog come — Carl Perkins, “Matchbox” It’s worth noting as we head into 2012 that many of us aren’t going to change a damn thing about ourselves, resolutions or no. Most … Continue reading

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