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Rejoice, fellow pagans

The winter solstice is here, marking for me the crossroads of dread and hope. Dread because it’s the shortest day of the year, when you can’t walk down the street without being reminded of consumerism’s holy of holies, Christmas Day. … Continue reading

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‘Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto’

If anyone wanna know, Tell him James Brown sent you. You know I know what you will see Because that was once… me. Hit it! Hit it!

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EPA to power plants: Stop poisoning people

David Roberts of Grist does a nice job of summing up the importance of the new EPA rule regarding the emission of mercury and other toxins from coal- and oil-fired power plants: … This one is a Big Deal. It’s … Continue reading

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‘Holiday Affair’

A low-key romantic comedy set at Christmastime and starring Robert Mitchum in a more-or-less wholesome role, wooing the very young Janet Leigh. The role seemed a good career move at the time (1949), as Mitchum was trying to recover from … Continue reading

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