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‘The Apartment’

The best-ever New Year’s Eve movie is a dark comedy, but director/writer Billy Wilder knew exactly when to lighten it up, even during the attempted-suicide scene. Jack Lemmon plays a bachelor with a dismal office job who curries the favor … Continue reading

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Yeah I’m sitting here wondering, would a matchbox hold my clothes… I hope I didn’t insult the memory of the late Carl Perkins by using lyrics from “Matchbox” in connection with the Republican dogs, big and small, mentioned in my … Continue reading

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They’ll kill your vote if you let them

Let me be your little dog ’til your big dog come — Carl Perkins, “Matchbox” It’s worth noting as we head into 2012 that many of us aren’t going to change a damn thing about ourselves, resolutions or no. Most … Continue reading

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