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Japan’s job-killing robots

You thought Godzilla was scary? Wait until Nextage emerges fully grown from Japan: Japanese firm Kawada Industries is on the leading edge of a growing industry that threatens to become a major disruptive force in the coming years: automated labor. … Continue reading

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Autoworkers to Friedman: The world is round

From the March 17 New York Times: General Motors said Thursday that it would temporarily shut a truck plant in Louisiana because it could not get enough Japanese-made parts, the first in what analysts say could be widespread disruptions at … Continue reading

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GOP on Japan nuke crisis: Shit happens

Eric Fry of The Daily Reckoning, commenting on his colleague Chris Mayer’s column, about the advisability of investing in uranium “futures” in the wake of the ongoing nuclear reactor crisis is Japan: Uranium is “too hard” indeed. On the other … Continue reading

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