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NYT’s Ginia B. admits Occupy is for real

In her article today, Ginia Bellafante didn’t call Occupy Wall Street “pantomime progressivism” — an improvement — but it seems she still doesn’t quite get what’s going on in Lower Manhattan. Bellafante’s lede refers to Occupy as “ideologically vague and … Continue reading

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When serfs fight back, GOP cries ‘Class warfare!’

This week’s winner of the chutzpah award is libertarian con man Paul Ryan, for accusing the Democratic Party of “class warfare.” Ryan is a disciple of Ayn Rand, the Benzedrine-addled academic who wrote two door-stopper novels that celebrated “the morality … Continue reading

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The beauty of Xmas be upon you, Dick

An old friend sent me a holiday e-card — an animated cartoon, actually, with an angel and the baby Jesus in a Christmas tree, and a bit of text at the end. Enjoy the beauty of Christmas, and so on. … Continue reading

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