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Tom Friedman’s brave new fantasy world

Richard Eskow’s insights regarding Thomas Friedman will make perfect sense to anyone who has read Friedman’s gung-ho dispatches about globalization and entrepreneurship in the digital age, or his advice to the discouraged — “But you know what they say to … Continue reading

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Ryan dons apron to dish out big lie

Matt Taibbi made a good point regarding Joe Biden’s demeanor in his debate with Paul Ryan — laughter is entirely appropriate when your opponent’s lies are so big and so numerous that you can’t keep up with correcting them. From … Continue reading

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Wing nuts love Mom, too

Sara Robinson of Alternet had a good idea for a Mother’s Day column – “Ayn Rand-Loving Right Is Like Teen Boys Gone Crazy” — but she got carried away and ended up arguing that Randian conservatism is, more than anything … Continue reading

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Greenspan’s legacy is Ayn Rand’s

A new book by Gary Weiss details Ayn Rand’s profound influence on generations of right-wing ideologues. Her most prominent contemporary acolyte might be the smug U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, whose goals include abolishing Medicare and Social Security. However, I’m guessing … Continue reading

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‘Job creator’ myth debunked

NYT reporters don’t seem to have access to the same facts as NYT columnist Paul Krugman, maybe because he doesn’t have an intranet connection to the newsroom. I’m kidding, but who knows? On Friday, Krugman lit into Indiana Gov. Mitch … Continue reading

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You can’t take it with you (Ayn Rand, meet Steve Jobs)

Eric Alterman on Apple’s maestro, who died in October: … The [Apple] stock could have continued to soar even if the pay and conditions of these workers’ lives were built into the cost of an iPhone or an iPad. People … Continue reading

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When serfs fight back, GOP cries ‘Class warfare!’

This week’s winner of the chutzpah award is libertarian con man Paul Ryan, for accusing the Democratic Party of “class warfare.” Ryan is a disciple of Ayn Rand, the Benzedrine-addled academic who wrote two door-stopper novels that celebrated “the morality … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand would rap Ryan’s knuckles

Paul Ryan has always insisted on “revenue neutral” tax reform, but now that congressional Dems have been trounced, he’s singing a slightly different tune. The Wisconsin wing-nut said today he’d

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