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Revenge of the deplorables

Want to know why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race and helped ruin the Democrats’ chances of regaining control of the Senate? This remark she made in September has something to do with it: You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put … Continue reading

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Krugman strains eyes, can’t see light at tunnel’s end

Give credit to Paul Krugman for consistently refusing to pretend the so-called Great Recession was anything less than a depression. Now he’s suggesting hard times might be here to stay, because working-class Americans are too brain-dead to take action on … Continue reading

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Piggy bank empty? Don’t resort to plastic.

So why have relatively few formerly middle-class Americans become actively outraged by Wall Street frauds and job-destroying corporate raiders such as Mitt Romney? One answer is that many of us, despite lost jobs or lowered wages, have managed to maintain … Continue reading

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Tom Friedman’s ‘hyperconnected’ fantasy world

The NYT headline was “How did the robot end up with my job?” It was on an op/ed column by Tom Friedman, the corporate media’s foremost cheerleader for the brave new world of downsizing, outsourcing and off-shoring that is the … Continue reading

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Recession, my ass. Deal with the ‘D’ word.

Come on, Robert Reich, you’re almost there. You mentioned there was zero jobs growth in August. You noted that the number of Americans looking for work “has grown by over seven million” since 2007, but that 300,000 fewer Americans actually … Continue reading

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The beauty of Xmas be upon you, Dick

An old friend sent me a holiday e-card — an animated cartoon, actually, with an angel and the baby Jesus in a Christmas tree, and a bit of text at the end. Enjoy the beauty of Christmas, and so on. … Continue reading

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