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Big media still trying to bury Bernie

I was discussing the 2020 election with Swamp Rabbit. “Bernie Sanders can win,” I said. “Wake up and smell the coffee.” This was a bad choice of cliches. Swamp Rabbit was sipping Wild Turkey from a dented flask and not … Continue reading

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Regarding Rushdie and the limits of satire

Salman Rushdie has issued an eloquent denunciation of the fanatics who slew 12 in Paris in the name of their god: I stand with Charlie Hebdo, as we all must, to defend the art of satire, which has always been … Continue reading

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Poe at the billionaires’ bash

Bill Moyers and William Winship commenting on the arrogance of “imperial swells” who throw grand parties to congratulate themselves on their great wealth: This one occurred here in Manhattan at the annual black-tie dinner and induction ceremony for Kappa Beta … Continue reading

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Obama tax Wall St.? Fahgetaboutit!

Can you imagine Barack Obama cracking down on financial industry insiders rather than giving them White House jobs? Jeff Cohen can’t: With U.S. media obsessing on the fight here at home among conservatives vying to become president, most of them … Continue reading

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Rove’s ads are from the Goebbels playbook

Karl Rove, shown here on Stephen Colbert’s TV show, has taken aim at Elizabeth Warren, perhaps to prove his filthy mind is still as nimble as in 2004, when he destroyed John Kerry’s presidential hopes by portraying him in campaign … Continue reading

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Federal judge to SEC: Do your job!

Maybe the SEC hasn’t done a better job of policing Wall Street and protecting investors from fraud because the SEC itself is a fraud: A federal judge Wednesday challenged the SEC’s plan to settle a fraud case against Citigroup for … Continue reading

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A sick joke from Romney, ‘the serious one’

David Brooks, the Earnest Weasel, recently cited Mitt Romney’s plan to semi-privatize Social Security and Medicare and link these programs to Wall Street as proof that Romney is “the serious one” among Republican presidential candidates. Here’s Matt Taibbi on the … Continue reading

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