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There’s corrupt, then there’s Christie

Swamp Rabbit was hopping mad about the persistently chilly weather. “Can’t even take my Easter swim, that pond scum out there is colder than ice cream!” He’d been hunkering down in the shack all day, nursing a bottle of Wild … Continue reading

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Adelson is like a stream of bat’s piss

What would Alexis de Tocqueville think of democracy in America in 2014? How would Thomas Jefferson describe it? I doubt that either man would know what to make of the fact that one mind-numbingly greedy gnome might have the power … Continue reading

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Why mainstream media kissed up to Christie

It’s been a long week in the Tinicum swamp. That crack in the roof of my shack that Swamp Rabbit fixed didn’t stay fixed very long, so I stole another bucket of epoxy and put him to work when the … Continue reading

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If at first you don’t secede…

I handed Swamp Rabbit a bucket of epoxy and put him to work fixing a new crack in the shack that’s deep enough to let in plenty of water if there’s a downpour. While he worked I talked politics, I … Continue reading

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Stick a fork in Weiner, he’s done

Denounced from the pulpit by the Gray Lady: For more than a week, Representative Anthony Weiner, a New York City Democrat, baldly lied in denying that he had sent a lewd photo of himself to a woman over Twitter, claiming … Continue reading

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Promoting the 1st annual Chris Christie 100-Yard Walk

Michael Smerconish in The Philadelphia’s Inquirer, inadvertently shedding light on why the mainstream media are so reluctant to bash elitist politicians: It was no surprise to me that Chris Christie took heat for using a state helicopter to attend his … Continue reading

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N.J. polls show Christie’s act may wear thin

Corbett in Pennsylvania, Christie in New Jersey, Walker in Wisconsin, Kasich in Ohio, Snider in Michigan, Daniels in Indiana and LePage in Maine are governors with the same objectives: break labor unions, privatize everything from school systems to liquor stores, … Continue reading

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