By the gods, it’s Midsummer!

Skoal, as they say in the north lands. Time for wild strawberries and spiced vodka and rolling in the hay with Bibi and Liv at midnight, with the sun still shining.

Of course Midsummer isn’t quite the same if you don’t have airline tickets to Sweden and have to celebrate here. The sun sets at nine and there’s no hay to roll in unless you go out to where the Amish live, or the Mennonites, or some other tribe of Christian party-poopers.

But we make do with what we have, and it is the solstice — the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Shoot out the lights. Build a wicker man and fill it with your least favorite people. Enjoy yourself before the real Philly summer hits and it’s too damn muggy to roll around except with the air conditioner at full blast.

I’ll keep looking for a deal on airline tickets.

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