Stick a fork in Weiner, he’s done

Denounced from the pulpit by the Gray Lady:

For more than a week, Representative Anthony Weiner, a New York City Democrat, baldly lied in denying that he had sent a lewd photo of himself to a woman over Twitter, claiming that his account was hacked. When he finally and tearfully confessed the truth on Monday, it turned out to be worse than expected: He admitted to a longstanding pattern of sending inappropriate photos to women.

The New York Times editorial board is what it is — a handful of smug ivory tower types who make the sort of lofty assertions (“moral” judgments) they think will appeal to the most readers.

But this doesn’t change the fact that Weiner (OMG, that name!) is a self-obsessed jerk who didn’t have the good sense to own up to his “sexting” habit before it became public knowledge.

No surprise that the mainstream media have worked much harder on this tepid tale (there was no actual sex, of course) than on Chris Christie’s hypocrisy, or on evidence that the country’s wealthiest bankers committed perjury in defending their actions during the economic meltdown.

Weiner was one of only a few Dems with the balls (sorry!) to speak out in a smart and spirited way against Republican lies, but now he just looks like a lonesome, insecure fool. Stick a fork in him, he’s done, at least through 2012.

Footnote: When will the Gray Lady use her pulpit to denounce editor Bill Keller for being disingenuous in explaining the part his newspaper played in spreading the lies that led to the disastrous Iraq war? Just asking.

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