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Stick a fork in Weiner, he’s done

Denounced from the pulpit by the Gray Lady: For more than a week, Representative Anthony Weiner, a New York City Democrat, baldly lied in denying that he had sent a lewd photo of himself to a woman over Twitter, claiming … Continue reading

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Promoting the 1st annual Chris Christie 100-Yard Walk

Michael Smerconish in The Philadelphia’s Inquirer, inadvertently shedding light on why the mainstream media are so reluctant to bash elitist politicians: It was no surprise to me that Chris Christie took heat for using a state helicopter to attend his … Continue reading

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A Tina Fey bus tour would put Palin’s in perspective

Where’s Tina Fey when we need her? The question sprang to mind when I read about Sarah Palin’s latest publicity stunt: …Unless Palin decides to formally explore a possible presidential run, she is free to spend the money raised by … Continue reading

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In praising Scott-Heron, Inquirer buries his message

Gil Scott-Heron, the African-American poet and musician who died this week at age 62, was most famous for his recording of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” a funny and uncompromising call-to-arms that envisions the downfall of the corporate masterminds … Continue reading

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