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Revenge of the deplorables

Want to know why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race and helped ruin the Democrats’ chances of regaining control of the Senate? This remark she made in September has something to do with it: You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put … Continue reading

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Obama to fight Wall St. corruption — joking!

When Barack Obama took office, it was almost embarrassing to watch so many otherwise intelligent people rejoice at the notion that he could somehow do good and remain closely allied with the corrupt Wall Street banks that had wrecked the … Continue reading

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My dinner with Barack

I received another dispatch from Barack Obama a few days ago, and this time the subject line made me blush: David, can we meet for dinner? The room whirled and I thought for a moment I might need my jacquard … Continue reading

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Brother, can you spare… a twenty?

Joblessness will be ‘the new normal’ if Americans tune out It’s hard to tell what’s coming, anarchy or more apathy, but there’s no doubt that things haven’t looked this bleak for the poor and near-poor since the 1930s. (Think Al … Continue reading

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