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Update on Melania’s plagiarism – the ballerina did it!

I was updating Swamp Rabbit on the screw-up at the RNC, where Melania Trump made a speech that was partly cribbed from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 DNC. “You were part right,” I said. “Melania rejected the original speech, written by two guys … Continue reading

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Melania’s rude awakening?

Here’s my friend Swamp Rabbit imagining Melania Trump and the Donald after she found out part of her speech at the 2016 Republican convention was lifted from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic convention: “How could you do zis to me? All … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama, we know how you felt

You felt disappointed, puzzled, flabbergasted, alarmed and, finally, betrayed. Isn’t that right, Michelle Obama? If your husband had taken up with a bimbo – that sort of betrayal you could have done something about. But this was much worse. He … Continue reading

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My dinner with Barack

I received another dispatch from Barack Obama a few days ago, and this time the subject line made me blush: David, can we meet for dinner? The room whirled and I thought for a moment I might need my jacquard … Continue reading

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