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Jobless means invisible

The two-party system as it now exists is a fraud perpetrated by high-priced office-holding whores who feel it’s safe to ignore the millions of Americans who most need a healthy, functional, job-creating federal government. From Huffington Post:” The share of … Continue reading

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Brother, can you spare… a twenty?

Joblessness will be ‘the new normal’ if Americans tune out It’s hard to tell what’s coming, anarchy or more apathy, but there’s no doubt that things haven’t looked this bleak for the poor and near-poor since the 1930s. (Think Al … Continue reading

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NYT to 99ers: Chances for new benefits ‘slim to none’

Senate Democrats, on six-week vacation, seem to agree Reporter Michael Luo came through this week with a story on the long-term unemployed, which was more or less a case study of how dangerous it is to lose your job in … Continue reading

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Out of work, out of sight, out of mind

In the  1930s, the jobless were big news. Now they’re invisible. Media coverage of the unemployment problem pretty much ended on July 22, when President Obama signed a bill extending coverage to 2.5 million Americans whose benefits had been blocked … Continue reading

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The myth of a safety net for the unemployed

Why is the media so blase about the plight of the long-term unemployed? This question came to mind after I read today’s New York Times story by Michael Luo about an unemployed woman named Terri Sadler who had, according to … Continue reading

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