Michelle Obama, we know how you felt

You felt disappointed, puzzled, flabbergasted, alarmed and, finally, betrayed. Isn’t that right, Michelle Obama?

If your husband had taken up with a bimbo – that sort of betrayal you could have done something about. But this was much worse. He was being bullied and bamboozled by the likes of Rahm Emmanuel and maybe Lawrence Summers, formidable sleazeballs, much too strong for you. Your husband ended up betraying himself, his own best qualities, or the qualities you’d thought he possessed. The qualities that presumably inspired all his noble rhetoric.

From The Raw Story:

A new book detailing life in the White House describes high tension under the tenure of Barack Obama as First Lady Michelle Obama struggled with his top aides over the direction of his presidency.

She “cherished the idea of her husband as a transformational figure” but battled with White House advisors on compromise deals he had cut with Republicans, growing frustrated that he was being viewed as an “ordinary politician,” according to the book out Tuesday by journalist Jodi Kantor…

…Crisis erupted, according to Kantor, from extracts of the book, in early 2010 when Michelle Obama felt the administration had cut too many deals compromising her husband’s signature health care reform legislation…

…Key to the first lady’s frustration was anxiety “about the gap between her vision of her husband’s presidency and the reality of what he could deliver,” Kantor wrote in the book, titled “The Obamas…”

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