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The odds look good, but don’t bet your house yet

“It ain’t just because them rats are still on Trump’s ship,” Swamp Rabbit said. “It’s because they look so comfortable there. They ain’t scared the ship’s gonna sink. They’re reserving deckchairs.” The neofascist spectacle of the Republican National Convention had … Continue reading

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Too late for rats to flee Trump’s ship

Swamp Rabbit was reading about the House panel that was grilling Louis DeJoy (nickname Joy Boy?), the megadonor appointed by Trump to wreck the U.S. Postal Service. “How come you ain’t watching it on TV?” he said. “It’s got a … Continue reading

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Melania’s rude awakening?

Here’s my friend Swamp Rabbit imagining Melania Trump and the Donald after she found out part of her speech at the 2016 Republican convention was lifted from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic convention: “How could you do zis to me? All … Continue reading

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Outburst by Ron Paul fans does not compute

It didn’t get much mainstream media play compared to Ann Romney’s kitsch-y speech, but I’ll bet the chanting was almost disorderly enough to fry the Romneybot’s hard drive: Delegates were finding their seats on the floor of the Republican National … Continue reading

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