Socialism is not a dirty word

I saw this video at Suburban Guerrilla and thought of all the people I know who probably didn’t see it…

In his travels, journalist and author David Cay Johnston talked to a dozen tour-bus drivers in beautiful downtown Stockholm and discovered that each of them owned two homes free and clear. After his WTF! moment passed, Johnston put together a few thoughts on why Sweden is such a civilized place to live:

It’s because [Swedes] organize their economy to provide what Adam Smith said in The Wealth of Nations an economy should do. [Smith thought] any policy that benefits the majority must be good policy.

We organize our economy on the theory that the very, very richest among us, the multibillionaires, don’t have enough, and that unless we give them more, our economy can’t grow. That’s just nonsense!

There’s a reason you don’t read or see stories like Johnston’s in the corporate media: The billionaires and their stooges long ago decided that what we don’t know can’t hurt them.

Footnote: This post corrects an earlier post in which I referred to David Cay Johnston as an economist.

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