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WAY worse than Watergate

Swamp Rabbit was trying to read the news to me but I was on the porch feeding the swamp cats and blasting Eric Dolphy’s Out To Lunch through my JBL speaker. “I can’t hear you,” I shouted through the window. … Continue reading

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How to secede without blood and gore

It’s no secret the yahoos who shut down the government for 16 days have a grander goal than merely scuttling Obamacare. They want to achieve something akin to secession, but without the blood and gore that made the Civil War … Continue reading

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In guns we trust

Frank Rich says America’s love affair with guns is something that will have to be chipped away at; that guns… …have always been intrinsic to the very idea of America and “freedom” – enshrined in our Constitution’s Second Amendment (however … Continue reading

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GOP gets medieval on our ass

My two favorite Catholics recently weighed in regarding American bishops opposed to the use of contraceptives. First comedian Stephen Colbert warned that American Catholic women who are unopposed — i.e., the majority of those who are sexually active — are … Continue reading

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MLK the ‘moral revolutionary’

From a 1982 book review in which Garry Wills noted that Martin Luther King, Jr. knew he “would have to accept his own death” if he were to play a leading role in the civil rights movement: …He did not … Continue reading

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Obama on the boob tube

2010 is like 1933, but without the good songs “Conspirators have a logic and a daring beyond our reach. All conspiracies are the same taut story of men who find coherence in some criminal act. Or maybe not.” — Don … Continue reading

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