Jobless means invisible

The two-party system as it now exists is a fraud perpetrated by high-priced office-holding whores who feel it’s safe to ignore the millions of Americans who most need a healthy, functional, job-creating federal government. From Huffington Post:”

The share of jobless Americans receiving unemployment insurance is declining as Congress winds down long-term benefits.

While the unemployed population has fallen by less than 10 percent in the past year, the insurance rolls are down by nearly 25 percent. The latest numbers show 12.7 million unemployed and 5.6 million getting benefits, compared with 13.9 million jobless and 7.3 million receiving aid at the same time last year…

…Federal unemployment insurance will expire altogether at the end of the year, with benefits stopping abruptly for 2 million Americans, according to worker advocacy group the National Employment Law Project. Despite persistent long-term joblessness — more than 5 million workers have been unemployed six months or longer — members of Congress haven’t hinted at any plans to preserve the benefits. The National Conference of State Legislatures, for its part, has asked Congress to get on it.

The presidential candidates — surprise! — are ducking the issue. The Romneybot isn’t programmed to profess concern for the unemployed, but what is Obama’s excuse?

Footnote: The Odd Man should simply stop reading about Washington politics, it’s bad for his blood pressure.

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2 Responses to Jobless means invisible

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  2. coloradoblue says:

    What’s Obama’s excuse you ask?

    He doesn’t care. He’s set for life (just like Clinton).


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