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In today’s U.S.A., Ellsberg would be deep-sixed

Regarding a convergence of stories about truth tellers: Last week I watched The Most Dangerous Man in America (2009), about Daniel Ellsberg’s decision to shred the web of lies spun by government officials in their successful effort to pursue full-scale … Continue reading

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Person of Year should be Pepper-Spray Cop

Here’s Time magazine’s argument — the writer was Kurt Andersen — for why 2011 was the Year of the Protester: So 2011 was unlike any year since 1968 – but more consequential because more protesters have more skin in the … Continue reading

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Police armed to the teeth to fight — protesters?

We all know that police departments across the country are becoming more and more militarized, as if expecting attacks from a domestic version of the Taliban. But the amount of hardware moving from the Pentagon to the police is even … Continue reading

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A glass-half-full take on OWS clearout

Tuesday was a career-defining day for Mike Bloomberg. First he ordered Zuccotti Park cleared by paramilitary cops who roughed up and/or arrested many protesters and a few reporters in the process. Then he ignored a court order to allow the … Continue reading

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