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Wolcott: Tea Party’s brew is tepid

The “dreadful inevitability” of Mitt Romney’s candidacy has led James Wolcott to conclude that the wing-nut right, despite its blustering, packs a feeble punch: …The right blogosphere ain’t squat. It’s a hornet’s nest up in the attic whose noise can … Continue reading

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Whatsa matta, you no like-a SOPA?

In case you didn’t notice, some large websites shut down today to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act that was being sneaked through Congress until President Obama voiced opposition to it. Which doesn’t mean Obama won’t sign the bill if … Continue reading

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Piggy bank empty? Don’t resort to plastic.

So why have relatively few formerly middle-class Americans become actively outraged by Wall Street frauds and job-destroying corporate raiders such as Mitt Romney? One answer is that many of us, despite lost jobs or lowered wages, have managed to maintain … Continue reading

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From Bryan Ferry’s ‘Dylanesque’

The line it is drawn/The curse it is cast/The slow one now/Will later be fast/As the present now/Will later be past/The order is rapidly fadin’/And the first one now will later be last/For the times they are a-changin… Dylan recorded … Continue reading

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