Newt promises the moon

Newt Gingrich was in Florida the other day, speaking of plans to build a colony on the moon.

This is funny, but cruel. Florida’s economy collapsed when the housing bubble burst. There will be no more housing booms in Florida, and only a looney would believe there will be a new aerospace boom. Gingrich isn’t looney — he’s just another corrupt hack trying to convince desperate people he can make their lives more bearable. To the moon, Newt!

Footnote: “Rope Ladder to the Moon” is from Songs For a Tailor, Jack Bruce’s first release after Cream broke up, and a good example of the boldly eccentric style he cultivated throughout most of his solo career. His lyricist, Pete Brown, often went over the top, but how could he not, working with someone who wrote such off-the-wall melodies?

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