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Nader to Dems: Are you with labor or agin’ it?

From The Raw Story : In an extended interview with Middle East news network Al Jazeera, consumer advocate and repeat U.S. presidential candidate Ralph Nader suggested that President Barack Obama is not supporting the labor movement because “they have nowhere … Continue reading

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Media likes Sheen, but angry workers? Not so much

Three blivets wreathed in American flags and automatic weapons could stand on a streetcorner with signs reading “Keep Your Damn Government Hands Off My Medicare,” and they would find themselves surrounded by camera crews from CNN, MSNBC and, of course, … Continue reading

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Blow them up good, then corporatize

Here’s a thought: maybe Madison, Wisconsin, isn’t Cairo after all. Maybe it’s Baghdad – specifically, Baghdad in 2003, when the Bush administration put Iraq under the rule of officials chosen for loyalty and political reliability rather than experience and competence. … Continue reading

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Why Madison, Wis., looks like Egypt-land

Credit where it’s due: Not all mainstream reporters are treating what’s happening in Wisconsin as a budget-related spat over cuts in benefits. In today’s Philadelphia Daily News, Will Bunch considers the global context of the story and ponders the likelihood … Continue reading

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Wis. workers try to slip pharoah’s yoke

I dig a ditch, I shape a stone/Another battlement for his throne/Another day on earth is flown/We’re all working for the pharaoh. — Richard Thompson, “Pharoah” The nicest thing you can say about the mainstream media’s skimpy coverage of the … Continue reading

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