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Outburst by Ron Paul fans does not compute

It didn’t get much mainstream media play compared to Ann Romney’s kitsch-y speech, but I’ll bet the chanting was almost disorderly enough to fry the Romneybot’s hard drive: Delegates were finding their seats on the floor of the Republican National … Continue reading

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Obama’s see-no-evil supporters

Happy New Year, Glenn Greenwald. Thank you for firing back at “progressives” who rightly attack Ron Paul for some of his views but ignore the fact that Paul, not Barack Obama, “advocates policy views on issues that liberals and progressives … Continue reading

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Joe Conason, meet Karl Rove

A resolution for 2012: Don’t read opinion pieces by knee-jerk Obama supporters who profess to be liberals. Their stuff is as propagandistic as the garbage that streams from the right in support of Newt and Mitt and the dimmer Republican … Continue reading

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