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3.5 trillion dollars short and six months late

A Washington Post columnist declared Thursday that Joe Biden and the Democrats have had an epiphany and from now on will counter Republican nihilism by taking action that “leads to more progress in the future.” Swamp Rabbit was puzzled. “What … Continue reading

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An Xmas stocking stuffer from Manchin to Democrats

Swamp Rabbit said it best back in April: Joe Manchin is a DINO — a Democrat in name only. He likes the filibuster rule and thinks raising taxes on the rich is radical. At the time, Joe Biden seemed confidant … Continue reading

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Obama sides with banksters, not protesters

OK, we knew this all along, but I still winced when I read it in Firedoglake: For perhaps the first time, President Barack Obama was forced to explain why there have been no prosecutions of Wall Street executives for their … Continue reading

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To D.C. Dems, compromise means capitulate

Unfortunately, the efficacy of slashing spending and taxes on the wealthy will become conventional wisdom now that Democrats have signed on to the program and the disaster capitalists will have won their war against egalitarianism and redistribution. The Democrats didn’t … Continue reading

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‘Canadian health care?’ We should be so lucky

Robert Gibbs is the new poster boy for Dem cowardice Like many other Democrats, I puzzled for a few days over Robert Gibbs’s scornful remarks about the “professional left.” Is President Obama’s press secretary just another beefy bureaucrat who lost … Continue reading

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